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Are you a small business owner or a non-profit who would love a website but don’t have the time or patience to deal with computers? We’re your answer! Our website designs are simple, straightforward… Smart. We’ll take the pain out of getting online and do it at a reasonable cost to you. We won’t try to sell you a bunch of stuff you don’t need... we just want to get you on the Internet in the most straightforward method possible.

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  • All That Sparkles Cleaning
  • Shear Bliss Hair and Nail Salon
  • Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department
  • Castle Rock Countertops
  • The Park
  • Jacklope Acres
  • Heritage RV Park
  • Shingletown Medical Center
  • SOUL
  • Moonlight Catering
  • Holly RE
  • Archer Experts
  • Platinum Detail
  • Road Trip
  • Shingletown Library

Our Portfolio

If you would like to see examples of our work you can view our portfolio where you can visit the websites of our clients as well.

  • About SiteSmart

    Straightforward web design is our specialty. We want your customers to find your site easy to use, so we work closely with you to ensure your message is clear and the look is right. It doesn’t matter if you’re near or far; we have years of experience working with remote clients. We will make the decision making process simple, the questions we ask are straightforward and the result is a smart looking website.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why do you need SEO for your website?

    We take Search Engine Optimization very seriously at SiteSmart. You want potential clients to discover your website and quickly realize that what you offer is exactly what they are looking for. You’re aware of the fact that more consumers are using the Internet to find a local business or to shop for the best price on a particular product. They’ll go to their favorite search engine, type some keywords to narrow down their search, hit enter, and receive pages of website listings that relate to those keywords. Typically, the more pages they look through, the less value they find in the websites listed on those later pages.   Read more…


All the building blocks for a great website

The first step is to get organized and come up with ideas. We can help with that. Consultation is always free, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Always a good deal

We have structured our pricing based on the packages shown above to give you an idea of what your project might cost. Each client has unique circumstances, and yours may or may not fit neatly into one of the packages. We are happy to discuss your individual needs to come up with a solution that suits you perfectly.

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For a quote or more information on our Redding web design services, please drop us a line at or call us at (530) 474-1686. Or, if you would rather, just fill in the form below to send us an inquiry. We would love to talk to you about your business or non-profit and can help with suggestions for the most economical way to get you out on the Internet…. where you belong!