Our Logo

A Design Evolution

Have you taken a good look at our logo? We LOVE it. It didn’t always look that good, but thanks to our beloved cousin Gerard and his awesome graphics skills we have a logo we are very proud of. Read on to discover how that great piece of design artwork evolved.

Our logo started out with the following concept:

SiteSmart Designs Logo


We thought it was a good concept to start with, but we knew it lacked pizazz, and, if you’d allow, it just wasn’t sexy. We don’t throw that term around loosely, it isn’t meant to mean provocative or seductive, applying it to graphics and website design we mean attractive, appealing, and pleasing. We readily admit we aren’t graphics design specialists by any stretch, but having spent years building and evaluating websites for a major corporation, we know what looks sexy and what looks just ok. And at this point in its development process we felt our logo was just ok.

So while we were at the wedding of our son and his awesome wife in beautiful Cape Cod, we happened to show the logo to Gerard and asked his opinion. Gerard has an impressive career in the television industry, having had various positions as an editor and digital artist for several significant TV programs and documentaries. He readily offered to help with touching up our base design.

After a few back and forth email iterations to apply some finishing touches, he arrived at the logo we now proudly display today:

New SiteSmart Designs Logo


Do you notice some of the small but significant differences? A classier lettering style, the slightly tilted laptop now supported by the letter T, the slimmed down character behind the laptop, and how about that stylish new chair? Now this we find very sexy, don’t you? We bring this level of scrutiny to all the websites we build, we hope you find that it shows in our work.

Thanks again so very much Gerard!